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#11 25-09-2020 
(25-09-2020 01:43 AM)SaphiraSimmer Wrote:  I have a question, I'm playing Sims 2 complete collection on windows 8.1. I believe my graphics card is intel core i3. For some reason it crashes sometimes and I'm not sure how to fix it.

Hi @SaphiraSimmer,

There is so much wrong with your post, that I must ask you to check and verify. If you need help getting your game to run, it is imperative that you provide correct information. If you do not, the tips that people give you, will be based on wrong data, and therefor they will not work.

First, as I understand it, the Complete Collection is the Mac version of TS2, so it should probably not run under any version of windows. It could be that you have the Ultimate Collection, though. Please check that.
Second, Intel Core i3 is NOT the designation of any graphics card, but of the main processor. Please check that, too
Third, problems with running your game should be asked in the Sims 2 Graphic Cards section. This has to do with the next point.
Fourth, for help trying to get your game working, we need to see your config-log attached. In the Tea Room, you cannot attach files. In the Graphic Cards section that I linked to, you can!

I hope to see your next post in the Graphic Cards section, so we can properly try our best to help.


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