I Need Help With DXVK Screen Tearing
#1 01-11-2021 
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I have the same visual glitch and graphics card (but with 8GB of RAM) as seen in this thread

But the only “solution” is to get rid of it. But I can’t! I need it! My game gets severe pink flashing without it. All the time. Without fail, every single time I open the game. Even with following every step of the Graphic Rules Maker tutorial. My anti-aliasing setting is set to high, and the visual tearing only happens in lot view, not the neighborhood. I’ve tried disabling VSYNC in DXVK settings and also turning on VSYNC. Neither do anything. I don’t have this screen tearing glitch without the DXVK fix but again, the game is basically unplayable after an hour without it because of pink flashing. I also have the EmptyStandbyList fix scheduled for forever on my PC, so it’s not that I need that to stop the pink flashing.

Can anyone help me? Is there even a fix for this screen tearing on a Radeon RX 570 graphics card or am I doomed to pink soup forever?

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