Sims 2 Graphics Glitch with new graphics card.
#11 29-12-2021 
@BoilingOil that line is just a comment, it doesn't affect the code. I meant there's no difference between using force texture memory and manually entering it in the graphics file in terms of result (i.e. the texture memory is set to the given value) so there's no need to advise people not to use the option to set (i.e. force) texture memory in the GRM. The comment in the config log doesn't affect anything, the texture memory is modified the same way as if it was done manually.

Apologies for the double notification, I wasn't sure how it worked.

#12 29-12-2021 
@TheDarkLady -- if there is no difference, then they should NOT have added the "Force Texture Memory" text at all, because it leaves the wrong impression. Just the normal Texture memory line somewhere around line 50 would have sufficed, in my opinion.

As for the double notification, no apologies were required. Sometimes, we just don't know until we are told Big Grin Nothing wrong with that Big Grin

#13 05-01-2022 
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Its crashing with ANY type of cc in now. Idk what to do


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