The Realistic Gardening series is hereby complete. Use at your own leisure, and enjoy your game in which ever form you choose to play. It makes sense to assume that this set is useful ONLY if you have Seasons installed, of course.

NOTE: Some people wonder "Can I use only one of these updates without the others? Or do I *have* to take all of them together?". Yes, you *can* use each fix separately, and No, you *don't* need all of them at once.

It will not break your game to use only one or two of the mods in this series; each fix will work properly without the others. However, they *were* written with the intention to be used together, and you would be unbalancing your game if you used only one or two of these five files.

But you're free to play your game which ever way you like, even if that means with some unbalance. It's all your own choice.

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