Sims 2 and Graphics Cards - the fixes.

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#11 17-03-2014 
You are amazing... pure awesome sauce, celebkiriedhel! Thank you so much for sharing this information, I don't have to dread building a new and better box any more because of your posts. Being able to play all 4 sim games this fall is my hobby goal this year--thanks to you it will be possible Big Grin

#12 18-03-2014 
Pleased to hear it Nanashi! Smile Having people play the Sims, whatever their preference, and graphics card and operating system makes me happy. Smile
Hugs Catherine - I'm really pleased to have 'met' you too! Big Grin

#13 18-03-2014 
@celebkiriedhel based on updates from poisson it looks like its run Sims2 in Win7 compatibility. Not Vista.

#14 19-03-2014 
Have updated first post with new information. Thanks Lee and Poisson for this.

I've also made an amendment dependant on the Operating System - so Windows 7 compatibility for Windows 8 O/S, and Windows XP for Windows 7 O/S.

#15 24-03-2014 
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Wow! You are a life saver! I am looking forward to making Sims 2 movies until the Sims 4 comes out! You should get paid for this awesome fix! Than you!! Celebrate

#16 25-03-2014 
No worries XDkament - I'm happy to do it. Smile

#17 26-03-2014 
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Hi Kiri,

I have bought a new laptop (i7, and dual graphics (Nvidia 2GB and a SUCK Intel hd 4600) Sad
I have put the shades in high and deleted the black box (thanks to you!!!). The problem is that the Smooth edges is greyed, also my game runs on INTEL GRAPHICS and can not detect the nvidia card. I wish you can help me please...

Edit: I have Windows 8.1

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#18 26-03-2014 
Hi Fatal error.

Can you attach your config-log.txt?


Also if you have a look at the first post, under Dual Cards, it will tell you what you need to do to get your laptop using the Nvidia card. Repeated here for emphasis.

1. go to Nvidia control panel / select your latest installed game (SP9 most often) / force the game to use the good graphics card (not the integrated one) by selecting Nvidia high perfomance;

2. Set Compatibility - if you have Windows 8, use Windows 7. If you have Windows 7 - try XP Service Pack 3.

3. and finally -always- run as an admin.

4. Install the Graphics Rules card that goes with the graphics card that the config-log.txt says because that's what it's using to set the options.
That is, you want the game to specify hi-res/hi-cpu.

So you need to Download the Intel card graphics fix, as this will set your game to Hi Resolution/Hi Processing.

The Intel HD 4600, is actually quite able to do the graphics for Sims2 in High mode, but the NVidia would be better. The Intel Graphics card fix, allows the game to choose hi-res if the specs allow it.

#19 26-03-2014 
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Hi Kiri,

I followed this steps but the resolution was 800x600 and smoothing was grey. I have a look to the log file and I had the problem of 32MB. I followed your steps to change in the Graphics Rules the proper lines and now all it's perfect. Thanks!!!! You're incredible!!! Smile

#20 26-03-2014 
You're welcome fatalerror.


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