Booth Seat problems
#11 09-05-2014 
Well.... I'd think most people would like to have that mod anyway since it's basically like a tiny mini-patch. Guess you could link to it and explain the situation in your post for the 3 people that actually read the whole thing. Tongue

#12 09-05-2014 
Lol, somebody out there actually reads the explanation?!

@leefish: Could I upload the mod file with my lot when I put it up on MTS? I don't really want to send people off site as many don't care for that. I might upload it here with curtains and sans curtains at MTS.

#13 09-05-2014 
Jo, I managed to get those booth seats working with the curtain fix and stuff on the tables for my entry into Jones' Build a Business contest here. I know I had problems with it but I also know it worked cos I playtested it. I used ohbehave's OMSPs to get the table settings from her 'Ikea Inspired Dining Set' to get it to work.

I would put the link to the curtain fix in your text and tell them to either get the fix or to remove the curtains.
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#14 09-05-2014 
@joandsarah - you are welcome to upload the fix as a separate thing when you upload to MTS. You shouldn't include it in the lot though.

#15 09-05-2014 
I meant as a separate file below the lot file. I'm somewhat worried MATY may not be around long term since they seem to have issues each year. Is it made by you or you and fanseelamb?

#16 09-05-2014 
It is actually by me and goggalor said to fansee at the time if I wanted to share it elsewhere of course I could as it WAS my fix. So go ahead and share it.

#17 09-05-2014 
Thanks Lee. Smile


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