Maxis Base Game Computers Disappearing From Catalog?
#11 12-04-2016 
1 is recolours. So its not that. They don't have guids, they rely on guids of the mesh i.e. the in-game computers.

I can't see how the smallhouse collection would do that, but if that's what you've nailed them down to - I'd not put them in again.

#12 12-04-2016 
Kiri', maybe it's because it requires EPs other than Nightlife? :/

#13 12-04-2016 
Normally, if a new object requires an EP that you do not have, the worst that *should* happen, is that the object will not show up, or is flashing blue or purple in your game. This would also be true for a recolor.
But whereas I cannot imagine the introduction of a set of furniture to influence the presence or disappearance of all Maxis-made computers, I *can* see a computer recolor do such a thing. Similarly, I *know* the quality of Phaenoh's work. This would not happen with her objects.

So you could, temporarily, remove the recolor to see if that fixes it.

#14 08-08-2016 
I hope you have resolved the case now. If not, I can try to rescue a french fellow Wink

Each time there's a bug like that for me even AFTER I take out the whole download folder, it's :
- else the buggy file is in the "Saved sim" folder Wink
- or there's a "remanence" of the buggy CC in the hidden files : You go through the hidden "AppData" folder in "Mes documents" and see if there is something related to Sims2. Then you delete it.

It will serve you for another time (because I really hope that you have already solved this).


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