How Do YOU Pronounce It?
#1 02-01-2020 
[Image: TS2-HeidiFuchs.jpg]

Well? Tongue

  1. HIE-dee FUHCH-iss
  2. HIE-dee FUHCH (with a silent S)
  3. HIE-dee FUHKS
  4. HIE-dee FOOCH-iss
  5. HIE-dee FOOCH (with a silent S)
  6. HIE-dee FOOKS
  7. HAY-dee [whatever]
  8. [Other]

And doesn't have proper Poll options, I take it. Undecided
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#2 03-01-2020 
well I'm german so I pronounce it that way Wink having a little trouble knowing which of your options would sound like mine (phonetics are not my strong suit). I'm guessing number 6 would be the way I say it. "Fuchs" means fox by the way.

#3 03-01-2020 
The "fooks" in #6 rhymes with "spooks," "dukes" and "pukes," if that helps. Wink

And isn't Heidi a fairly common girls' name in Germany too? Perhaps Miss Fuchs there is a Sim-German woman who was born in Sim Japan by mistake. Big Grin

#4 04-01-2020 
yeah I think it's number 6 then. Well Heidi Klum is german and there's a swiss childrens story whose main character is Heidi which is quite famous too in germany (used to have the book as a child and watch it on tv). I think it was fairly common in the past probably having a comeback like most of those names but I'm not up to date on common names in germany (I'm quite isolated), don't think I know or ever knew anyone in real live with that name though.
Pretty sure the swiss story of Heidi had a japanese anime so maybe your Sim sprung out of that Tongue

#5 06-01-2020 
I just went for a walk last night, through Berlin, very busy part of the city what did just run by me? A "Fuchs" haven't seen one here in at least 10 years... think it's your fault Wink

#6 06-01-2020 
Uh oh! I didn't mean it! Curse those Butterfly Effects! Big Grin

#7 18-01-2020 
Definitely Number 6. Note that I changed all of the names of the Sims in the Far East Vacation Location to Chinese Names. I like to name my sims Heidi and I will have to look to see if I have any Fuchs in my Playables, I checked and I have an Alison Fuchs and an Edward Fuchs in different households. I think I will make sure to keep their last name going and then have a Heidi Fuchs sometime soon.

#8 20-01-2020 
Renaming the Bon Voyage natives with the Sim Blender's an option, but ever since I discovered the Townie Brick, I've had a project going on that involves de-towniefying the Tropical and Far East natives with the distinctly European-esque names and replacing them with homegrown Sims designed and named to fit the theme of those Vacation Hoods better. It started off as a simple project to replace natives and tourists after I noticed that — unlike with Dormies and other University NPCs — Bon Voyage townies aren't automatically replaced. I married one Three Lakes native into a playable family and sent a Far East teen and a tourist teen to University, so the Bon Voyage population has declined a bit.

So I might as well marry off, send to college or otherwise remove the natives from the Tropical and Far East hoods, then replace them with the likes of these:

[Image: TS2-ReplaceTheVacationHoodies01.jpg]

[Image: TS2-ReplaceTheVacationHoodies02.jpg]

[Image: TS2-ReplaceTheVacationHoodies03.jpg]

But now, in hindsight, putting a bunch of Sims through college — or sending them on vacation — only to turn them into Bon Voyage townies seems like a waste. I may just start a few new batches of townies-to-be from scratch.

And if I'm understanding my Townie Brick just right, the Townie Brick only works in the neighborhood where I want to turn playable Sims into nonplayable townies, correct? Huh

[Image: TS2-ReplaceTheVacationHoodies04.jpg]

I may need to place a few Townie Bricks in various campgrounds and/or community lots in Twikkii Island and Takemizu Village, then send the townies-to-be on vacation and go from there. I might send one regular playable Sim with them, just so the shuttle has someone to take home and doesn't lose any pesky 1's or 0's along the way. I'll see how it goes. Have you any advicely bits? Smile

#9 20-01-2020 
In my experience one does not have to send the Townies or Playables to a Vacation Destination if you want to turn them into a Vacation Local with the Townie Brick. I recently created several Adults and Teens in CAS and then I moved them into a lot temporarily and then I made them all into Vaction Locals worked fine. I have also used the Townie Brick on Townies that were already created, worked fine for them too.

Oh and besides changing all of the names, I used the Sim Blender and did plastic surgery on all of the Sims in the Far East. I liked creating some Sims in CAS to make into Vacation Locals, because A I was running low on their numbers and B I made several that had the Darker Skin that is in the Castaways game, my copy is non-barbie even yay! And also I made a few Aliens, which I proceeded to match with my Playables and make Playable as well, lol Oh well I love Aliens.

Vacation Locals are easy to do with the Townie Brick I have found.

#10 04-03-2020 
So I got back to work with my big project, phasing out some, most or all of Maxis' Tropical and Far East natives, then replacing them with new and improved natives. My beach-dwelling sailor Salty Jim MacKurgan has been a frequent visitor of Twikkii Island and knows most of the natives very well, so I've chosen him for the task of "domesticating" the Tropical natives by inviting them into his household.

[Image: TS2-OutWithTheOldNatives02.jpg]

[Image: TS2-OutWithTheOldNatives03.jpg]

[Image: TS2-OutWithTheOldNatives01.jpg]

Another one of my Sims — Kiki Tsang, my para-Chinese massage studio owner who knows every form of massage known to Sim — is also a frequent guest of Takemizu Village and she knows most or all of the Far East natives. So she'll be responsible for de-native-fying those natives, including the adorable Heidi Fuchs.

I've also begun creating and Brickifying new natives for both Bon Voyage locales, including natives from most of the life stages: Children, Teens, Adults and Elders. Their names will be more fitting for their respective locales, of course; I've been consulting lists of Tahitian, Hawaiian, Maori and Samoan names for my new Tropical natives, just as I'll be consulting lists of Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai names for my new Far East natives. So out with Tracy Royce, in with Ailana Hanohano.

[Image: TS2-NewTropicalNatives01.jpg]

[Image: TS2-NewTropicalNatives02.jpg]

[Image: TS2-NewTropicalNatives03.jpg]

[Image: TS2-NewTropicalNatives04.jpg]

And you're right, Tyger! It's pretty easy to use the Townie Brick. You just click-click and tell them what to turn them into, and they drop out of the household and walk off the lot. I'm still keeping a "placeholder" Sim on that lot, to be moved out via Neighborhood View after all the neo-natives have been Bricked and moved out; I've had an occasional clone glitch happen when the last Sim moves off a lot from within that lot (ie. the last Young Adult in a dorm graduating and moving out), so the placeholder Sim helps me avoid any chance of that glitch happening. far, so good! Smile

(I don't know why the Townie Brick that I've stashed at the Landgraab Society house only turns Sims into dormies. Maybe it's to do with that lot being mostly isolated; you can't call any other Sims while you're at the Society's house, you can't walk or take a taxi to any community lots, et al. And isn't it annoying how you can only have one Sim at the Society house at a time, even if you have seven or eight playable Society members living on the same dorm/home/Greek House lot? Only one can visit at a time! I wonder if anyone has made a mod to get around that silly limit. The Society has a big limousine! Pack more Sims into it!)
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