• Value Door Addons: Part 2: Swing Doors
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Here are some swing doors made to match the basegame Value Door and Restroom Door.

There's a single, a double, and a single centred on two tiles. With windows and without.

The door textures are linked to the basegame Value Door. Any recolours you have for that will work on these.

The handle and window textures are in the "MASTER" object - the solid single door. You need the "master" for the others to work. The handle is recolourable. Two recolours are included. The window is not recolourable.

The white colour pictured below is the default Maxis texture. The light wood is a recolour available here.

Poly counts and prices are all reasonable. (If I have to go check them all it will take another fortnight, so let's not.)

Collection File: Includes all items from Parts ONE, TWO, THREE, and FOUR of this set. Plus the matching Maxis doors, Lee's Transom Arches, and Sinuhe's 2 doors.

Huge Thanks To: Lee for being immensely helpful with this entire set. It ended up being a joint project as far as I'm concerned (needy novice lamb is needy), hence the "fanseefish" filenames. Also to MLC, Klaartje, and Kiri for testing. Also to MLC for some technical help. And to all the encouraging leefishers for their moral support in my WIP thread.

x 20

CREDIT and LINK if you use my stuff.

Mesh and texture edits (aka recolours) are welcome.

You may include my meshes with your recolours.

You may include my content with your own packaged Sims and Lots.

Please do not redistribute my original files in any other way.

Please do not redistribute my sims or altered versions of them.

Please do not post any part of my work on any paysite, including TSR (The Sims Resource).

Have fun!

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