UC - Nvidia (secondary) graphics card problems
#11 22-01-2016 

Keeper master - what's the error message that you get when it crashes ?

Have you deleted the cache files before loading the game? (cache files are in the 'The Sims 2' folder and can successfully deleted)
Also see this tutorial for dealing with cache files - Clearing the Caches

Also - do you have the program exe set up as 'run as admin'?

#12 22-01-2016 
@celebkiriedhel I will look into it next week, I don't have that PC available again until Friday. The error message was "The game has crashed and will terminate", or something like that.
Thanks again, though, for helping me out.

#13 23-01-2016 
@Keepermaster That often means that there is an exception report. If you look in the logs folder - you'll see a thing that looks something like

Sims2Exception 2015.09.22 22.00.14.txt

Where the numbers are the date backwards and time.
Next Friday when you have the PC again, can you upload that one for me? Thanks.

#14 03-02-2016 
All right, sorry for the late answer (it's been a very busy week Undecided), here's the file:

Attached File(s)
.txt  Sims2Exception 2016.02.03 18.30.18.txt (Size: 13.41 KB / Downloads: 273)

#15 03-02-2016 
Do you have the program exe set up as 'run as admin'?

Looking at the exception report, that's what it looks like the error is. You're getting an access violation which generally means that you're access something that you're not allowed to.

#16 04-02-2016 
Tried running it as admin, but it didn't help, crashed at the same place. Not sure if the error log has changed, though, so I'll post another one:

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.txt  Sims2Exception 2016.02.04 15.04.24.txt (Size: 13.41 KB / Downloads: 295)

#17 04-02-2016 

The error log is the same. Can you post a screen shot of your compatibility tab on your Sims2sp9.exe? It can be found in

\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Bin\

Right Click, choose properties, then select compatibility tab.

When you're doing this - are you playing with CC or without?

#18 05-02-2016 
CC as in mods? If so, yes. Oh, and there are no Sims2sp9.exe (or Bin folder at all) there. I checked a Sims2EP9.exe though, but there was no compatibility tab there.

#19 05-02-2016 

Yeah, we're just playing find and seek with the compatibility tab with Dathoc - when we find it, I'll get back to you.

The Sims2EP9.exe is the same thing I think.

#20 05-02-2016 
Alright, I'll check in regularly. Thanks for the help though!


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